Saturday, March 14, 2009

Something of Silver

I finally did it. I purchased Sterling Silver, and did a pin. And it turned out pretty, real pretty. Another struggle, get over the fact that I can design with something that is valuable. Something that costs more than 5 dollars. Make something that will stay out there longer than I will. So here it is, a beautiful pin, sculpted by hand, woven with wire, something, someday, someone will ask...I wonder who made this...


  1. All of your work is beautiful. The sterling pieces you've made will be a treasure for anyone who owns them. Congrats on upgrading to sterling! It's well worth the price and your work deserves it! Give yourself more credit, please. What you do is truely a work of brilliance!

  2. Really cool! Love the stamped (or however the design is added) florals. By the way, the bracelet I got from you - I wore it all day and evening yesterday and it was sooooo comfortable. Everyone loves it, too.

  3. The stamped inprint is called pattern wire, and it comes that way, the hard part, is it's price, and getting it to curve the right way. I have found that the maximum width you'ld want to use is about 5mm, anything larger won't turn without using pliers and scratching it.

    So glad you like the bracelet.

  4. What a beautiful pin; exquisite work!
    How did you finish the ends of the wires? (did you put those seed silver beads on yourself?)