Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I return

Oh...I have been a bad girl. I haven't been here for ever so long. Life has taken me a different direction, for the better. I was told in January that I was going to be laid off, until they realized, that my job as a buyer for a top floral company was necessary, at least until they got through the holidays. So, flying home to Oregon for a vacation in March was a joy. My mother offered me the home that I had been promised 25 years ago, along with her in it, so we listed the house in Illinois. Long story short, I quit the day job, moved 2200 miles, drove back home, and went fulltime selling my work.

It's a joy being back here in Oregon. I take care of my mother and husband, I'm active in the community again, I have time to create...and create I do. Here's a piece of my latest works.