Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'm back...

I've been a very bad girl, I've been so busy on commissions and orders that I haven't been here. So, I'm bowing and groveling. So sorry....

So, to catch up on what's been happening. Soldering. Weaving wire. Cubic Zirconia. Pearls. So much creativity, so much growth. New shows to come, new customers, old customers. Fabulous...I hope I can keep up....

Here's some of the latest work, especially fine, since I've regained the ability to solder.


  1. It's great that you've had so much work that you can't find time to blog! We waited for you LOL


  2. Such beautiful jewelry! Feel free to follow back at :)

  3. I have to tell you that I am totally in awe of your work! Love the eyes especially but some of your other pieces are absolutely gorgeous as well. I would love to learn to wrap and weave wire if I could get the results you do. Very beautiful work... you should be proud. I was laid off my job in August but you can bet that as soon as I return to work, I'll be buying one of your eye rings.... maybe two! :o)