Saturday, May 16, 2009

Back Working With Silver

I'm back working with Silver, getting ready for the show season this summer and fall. I'm also trying to make it economical for my customers to purchase pieces, by making them smaller, but just as intricate. Not an easy combination for me to do. So, here's a piece to give you an idea of what I'm trying to do.

The other good news is I've found these Trillion Cut Cubic Zirconia, very easy to work with. The setting is 3 wires of 20 guage wire, 30 wraps around one of 20 guage wires, with 28 gauge, wrap the 3 wires individually across 4 times, repeat 3 times. Bend with your flat nose, into triangular setting, and then using a needle to open space between wire 1 (wrapped wire) and wire 2. Insert the stone and then using the 28 guage wire, seal the opening between the beginning of the wrapping and the end of the wrapping. The cubic zirconia, rests inside the wires 1 and 2. I use the remaining wire, to form a bail, and then embellish the setting. Of course it needs to be properly finished and tumbled.

If you have questions about setting this type of stone, you can email me at

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