Sunday, February 1, 2009

Trash to Treasure

Oh... finding wonderful treasures ... something to stir the creative juices.

Yesterday was spent in Waukegan. Childhood home of Jack Benny. Right on Lake Michigan. Beautiful undiscovered little town.

I spent the day in a undiscovered art gallery, brand new to the community. Next door to an undiscovered antique sale. Oh how fun it was. New people, trying so hard to bring people into a new/old area. This area will be so hot in 5 years, and I'm on the ground floor as a featured artist.

While waiting for customers, that did arrive, I paused and went to the antique sale. I found this fabulous box of old watch bands. Masculine and Feminine pieces, Gold Fill bands, leather bands, chain bands...Still mounted on their antique place cards. With original prices. I was savy, and traded a shawl I had woven in another lifetime, and was given the entire box. Of course, last night I had to weave a sample, which is posted. You should consider, going somewhere other than a bead shop, to find inspiration. You'll never know where you'll find it.

(I sold 4 nice pieces, which more than paid for my trouble, and came home with a treasure.)

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  1. I have been looking for a watchband like the black strap in the back of this picture for a long time. Did you get any you want to part with?